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White on Orange on Green.JPG

“White on Orange on Green”

South Bend, IN

(October, 2019)

Shot at Pinhook Lagoon in South Bend, IN, “White on Orange on Green”  is one of the many photos at Kairos Photography that might be said to bend towards the abstract.

I was returning from the archery range with my two daughters and happened to notice a set of remote control boats cruising the horseshoe shaped lake just off of Riverside Drive. Pinhook Lagoon was once a sharp bend in the St. Joseph River. However, in the 1930’s, with federal funding from the WPA, the city employed hundreds of men to dig a new channel for the river, cut off the 'pinhook,' and created a park.

This park is now home to some easy access fishing, the The Angel of Hope Memorial Garden, and the regulars from the Michiana (r/c) Yacht Club. On the day we happened to drive by, several members were sailing a variety of remote control ships, from smaller dinghies to the intricate three-masted ship christened the Nancy Katherine that would become the subject of “White on Orange on Green.” The members of the club were welcoming and kind, even letting me and my younger daughters steer the various ships in the light breeze.

The day was variably cloudy (as is often the case in the Michiana region), but when the sun was out, the early fall colors (whether on the far shore or reflected in the lagoon) made for a wonderful background for the ships.

I took quite a few photos not only of the Nancy Katherine but also of some of the other ships. You can see the comments for those images, most of which feature much more of the ships themselves.

When I got home and began to select and edit the shots, I was most interested in the photo that would become “White on Green on Orange.” This shot features the tight geometric impact of the Nancy Katherine sailing straight towards the camera, framed by the ambiguous green ripples of the lagoon and the suggestion of orange in the reflection.

"White on Orange on Green" is a part of the "This is Water" theme.






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